Scheduling Changes for Acupuncture

Beginning in 2017, acupuncture visits will be scheduled differently. Previously we had been scheduling acupuncture visits for 45-60 minutes in duration and scheduling on the half hours. Two patients would be treated simultaneously. In an effort to provide you a better experience, appointments will be 45 minutes of time with your practitioner exclusively. Be aware that appointment start times may be on the 15 or 45 minute mark now. Since we will be working with one patient at a time, it will be more important to start on time to afford you your full treatment time. Let us know your feedback on the change.

Sarah Peters offering a new service: Rain Drop Aromatherapy Treatment

A combination of a few of Sarah’s favorite things! The Rain Drop Technique combines 9 different therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils used at acupressure points to support energy alignment, a sense of tranquility, and a stronger mind-body connection. When paired with craniosacral therapy techniques, it also helps to increase  healthy flow of cerebral spinal fluid. Appointments are scheduled for one hour and are $90 per session.

Ronald Conti DC now with Group Health insurance

Ronald Conti DC is now contracted as a preferred provider with Group Health. Any patient with a Group Health PPO policy that includes chiropractic care can now see Dr Conti.Unfortunately, the HMO product for Group Health is still closed to new providers.

If you previously had seen him through the First Choice network as a Group Health patient, you should now have better benefit levels and lower out-of-pocket responsibility.

If you have questions about your access to and coverage of chiropractic on your insurance plan, please call the Group Health customer service number on your card.

Melissa Petersen LMP Celebrating 10 Years of Practice

Melissa is celebrating 10 years of practice here at EWNH! She enjoys her time here serving the Edgewood/Milton community. Melissa specializes in treating chronic pain conditions, injuries, surgical recoveries, and many other conditions. She often works in collaboration with physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Visit her page here for more details!

Welcoming Sarah Peters LMP! Offering massage therapy and craniosacral therapy beginning Nov. 1st.

Sarah Peters will be available for massage treatment Mondays, Fridays, and every other Saturday beginning Nov 1st, 2014. In addition to traditional massage therapy, Sarah is certified and experienced in craniosacral therapy. Currently, Sarah is not accepting insurance, but she is working on contracting as a preferred provider for a few insurances in the future. Massage visits with Sarah are currently priced at $60 per massage hour. Craniosacral Therapy is $70 per session.

Find more information about Sarah here -> Sarah Peters LMP

Regence to require pre-authorization of Acupuncture, Massage, and Chiropractic in 2014

REGENCE to require pre-authorization in 2014

Regence is beginning a program which requires providers to receive care plans from the insurance company. This change affects acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care. It also affects physical, occupational, and speech therapy you might get elsewhere. This program will restrict your access to visits with us and our ability to receive reimbursement for care on Feb. 1st, 2014. At this point, this change will NOT affect those who are on Regence’s federal employee plans (FEP) or Uniform plans. If you have a question about whether this change will affect your plan, let us know or contact Regence.

Your treatment plan will be given to us by Regence and we are bound to it

The number of visits you may be allowed and the time line by which you need to receive them will be determined by Regence, regardless of any plan prescribed by your physician. For example, Regence may determine that you should be treated for 4 visits over 30 days.  You would be required to come for all 4 visits in 30 days, or any request for additional visits may be denied. You would not be allowed to come for any additional visits until we get approval for them. Regence may also limit certain services it deems to be unnecessary to your care. We cannot collect any compensation from either the insurance company or you for any deviations from the plan. We will have to refuse you any treatments or services not approved during the course of your care plan.

Pain management will not be covered

If you have a condition that we cannot “fix” within a short time line (1-3 months), Regence will likely be refusing to cover ongoing visits. Many of our patients have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, herniated discs, and other types of conditions which will need some level of care indefinitely. Your semi-regular care here keeps you running and helps manage your pain. This type of care will likely not be covered. We will be allowed to do what we can for you in your initial care plan, but Regence will not cover routine care for pain management, preventative care, or “drop in” care. If you have another injury or complaint, or if you are re-injured, we will however be able to submit for another care plan to treat you.

All is not hopeless! You still have unlimited access to care

While your insurance may be limiting the number of your visits they will pay for, we are still available in unlimited quantities. If Regence refuses care for your condition, or you would like treatment beyond what was approved, we can create our own care plan! While having to go outside your insurance coverage is frustrating, it does allow you to get your treatments here, how you want them and when you want them.

If you have any questions regarding Regence’s new pre-authorization policies, please let us know.